How to not toot your own horn

It's all about the journey.
It’s all about the journey.

“Hi, I had a book on hold?”

“Ma’am, the hold books are out there now.”

“I know. I just wondered if it might be back there.”

“We had to move them, Ma’am. We do so many holds now, because of the Internet.”

“Okay. It doesn’t matter.”

“Can I help you, Ma’am?”

“I think I just missed the window.”

“Last name, Ma’am?”


“So we go by the C’s. Right on this ticket. We hold them for ten days.”

“Yeah, that’s where I screwed up.”

“Cashen. Corrigan. Crawford. Hm. Was it a new hold?”


“Those are over in this case, if we haven’t sorted them yet. Title?”

“No, it’s alright.”

“I’m happy to help, Ma’am. What’s the title?”

“Um, it’s something like How to Toot Your Own Horn. It’s really not important.”

“It’s no trouble. Shelly! This lady’s looking for a hold.”

“I’ve got a few back here, just came in.”

“She’s looking for How to Blow Your Own Horn.”

“No! It’s actually How to Toot Your Own Horn Without Blowing it. I think.”

“I feel like I just saw that. Is there a horn on the cover?”

“I don’t know. I got the notice a couple of weeks ago.”

“Ma’am, we only hold them for ten days.”

“This was longer than ten days.”

“Oh. Well, why didn’t you say so?”

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