To wander is the miller’s joy

Two nights ago, Dave was trying to explain the magic of song lyrics. “I see them on the page, you know, and it’s nothing. Just some words. But then we play the song and it’s like…” I wait while he pauses, his arms extended over the sink, his hands open wide. I want to say, […]

Your grand plan for yesterday

The weird thing about rehearsal every night and rewrites plus regular work every day is that when it’s over I feel like, What do I do now? Yesterday I woke up all headachy from celebrating the night before. The script is done. There are things that could be clearer, yes, but I don’t want to […]

Comes tomorrow we’re tomato soup

My favorite so far is the window. “Stick shifts and safety belts bucket seats have all got to go” Too literal? “If you respect me at all please don’t call” Too pathetic? I’m choosing a lyric for my weekly submission in Christina’s photography contest. “You’ll never be what you’ll never be But you can always […]