But is he a singer or a crooner?

As I drove home in the snow yesterday, a review of Bob Dylan’s new album on NPR reminded me that every evaluation of everything is contextual, including my opinion of the review. The road conditions were suddenly terrible, meaning I couldn’t make it to Russ’s house as planned, so maybe I was grumpy, making all kinds […]

Secrets of a Super Chill Thanksgiving

Here’s what I used to do, back when I was stupid. Troll the web for the best and yet easiest recipes for things like stuffing, sweet potatoes, and this year green bean casserole though we’ve never had that at Thanksgiving before. Apparently it’s a big deal, green bean casserole. But this year it’s my idea […]

Analogy unfinished, analogy overexplained

Ordinarily I wouldn’t come back here, to a bar created by a friend but then sold to a stranger. No matter why or how it was sold, it just wouldn’t feel right. Disloyal. But my brother is playing guitar here, something he doesn’t often do, and family trumps friends, so here I am, sitting on […]

Counts for Easter

Among my mom’s many mildly annoying sayings was “Well, this counts for eatin’.” I was never sure what it meant, whether she hadn’t really enjoyed the meal or she really had. Or maybe that she wasn’t hungry but felt obligated to eat. Or maybe it referred to something specific the first time and she enjoyed […]

Comes tomorrow we’re tomato soup

My favorite so far is the window. “Stick shifts and safety belts bucket seats have all got to go” Too literal? “If you respect me at all please don’t call” Too pathetic? I’m choosing a lyric for my weekly submission in Christina’s photography contest. “You’ll never be what you’ll never be But you can always […]