Eating bacon in Las Vegas

Not one of the times.

The first time was the morning after we arrived in Paris. Room service bacon, so it gets extra points. I give it a solid B.

The second time was late that night. After an evening nap, when all I wanted to do was get back to my friends Deuces Wild and Double Cherry Play Max Credits. But Dave said I should eat something so we stopped at a charming Parisienne cafe, where I filled out a keno form and waited for my Cobb salad. Bacon on the Cobb was smokey and nicely sized for the avocado. I give it an B+.

Third time was the next morning at the pool. Perfect weather, perfect water, perfect lounger. Followed by a late breakfast at the poolside cafe. Probably the same stock they serve in room service, but blandness more pronounced in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, Half Scale. B-.

Fourth and last was across the street from Paris, after seeing O and meeting Dave’s friend Jā€”, who steals the show. Very proud of myself for watching the most death-defying bits with eyes open and ignoring the voice that said if I watched I would doom them to fall, so I ordered both roasted tomato soup and scallops Hollandaise. Sauce on the side as recommended by waiter. Three huge scallops, each sitting on a square of bacon which sat on a potato pancake, all topped with lobster garnish. Smokey, sweet, delicate bacon that magicalized the sandwiching factors into mouth bliss. I award this bacon an A.

Not much time before we head home. Will there be a fifth bacon contender? Ladies and gentlemen, betting closes in two hours.

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  1. That picture is kind of scaring me. Also, I love bacon. Lets just hope Bacon #5 wasn’t airplane bacon. That would ruin the whole trip.

  2. My friend works for a Difficult Woman who’s part of a big mall-owning family. They’re crazy rich. All of them. Crazy and rich. Anyway, this Difficult Woman was also enchanted by Vegas bacon, particularly a certain breakfast bacon. One morning this magical bacon was not available, not even to the Difficult Woman. Now this woman has had very little experience with “no” and things got ugly fast. She ended up slugging a server in the face. I’m glad you got out when you did.

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